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SEU(u)CH FIJV-11 HeJV-11

Welford's Harrington Hall





Welford's Harrington Hall




Best In Show

WSSK Club Show 2013



FIJV-12 NOJV-12 SEJV-12 HeJV-12

Welford's Jesmond Waterfall




Welford's Jesmond Waterfall







Carsten Haven Sörensen

Urban Pettersson


Kylebacke, Runsavägen 106

194 91 Upplands Väsby


Carsten mob. 0709 979 870

Urban mob. 0708 54 30 54


E-Post:  carsten@welford.se




14 & 15 Nobember 2014

    Norwegian & Nordic Winner Show 2014






Norwegian Winner Show 2014, 14 November


Norwegian Junior Winner 2014

Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron

Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe


Norwegian Winner 2014

Multi Winner Welford's Jesmond Waterfall


Judged by Mr. Christian Geelmuyden, Norway



Nordic Winner Show 2014, 15 November


Nordic Junior Winner 2014

Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron

Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe


Nordic  Winner 2014

Multi Winner Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe


Judged by Mr. Jim Byrnes, Ireland


Thank you Norway for a lovely Show weekend.




2 x International Dog Show Denmark, Herning

31 October & 1 November

Danish Winner 2014 Welford's Kensington Garden

Danish Junior Winner 2014 Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe



What a Weekend att the Danish Winner Show 2014

Day 1. Judged by Mr. Tamas Jakkel

CACIB / BOB - Welford's Kensington Garden

CC / BOS - Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe

CC - Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron


Day 2. Danish Winner Show. Judged by Mrs Marianne Holm Hansen

Danish Winner 2014 / CACIB / BOB - Welford's Kensington Garden

Danish Junior Winner 2014 / CC - Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe




Summer memories

SKK International Dogshow, Sandviken, Sweden


Welford's Jesmond Waterfall "Jason"








Welford's Primrose Hill

BIS4 / BOB Puppy

SKK International Dog Show, Högbo Sweden






6 September 2014,

SKK Int. Dogshow, Sandviken, Sweden


Show result from todays dog show SKK International Dog Show, Högbo Sweden.



Mulit Winner Welford's Jesmond Waterfall


BIS4 / BOB Puppy

Welford's Primrose Hill



Welford's Mayfield Park.


Judged by Mrs Maria Dekaristou, GR









New Norwegian Champion




Welford's Harrington Hall


Multi Winner Welford's Harrington Hall CACIB and CC in

NKK International Trondheim. "Harry" is now also

Norwegian Show Champion.





Benton Under Oath "Jaffa"  for the future !


C.I.B NORDV-12  NOV-12  DKV-12  FIV-11


Benton Under Oath "Jaffa"


To ensure the future of this lovely boy we have colleced frosen

 semen. The semen was in an excellent condition with a

high percentage at the age of nearly 8.

No Herpes or other transmitted diseases.

Hip score B/B














C.I.B  NORDV-12  NOV-12

DKV-12  FIV-11



Benton Under Oath













DKV-13  NOV-13



Welford's Kensington Garden 


e. Don's Carl-Jan

u. Don's Darling Pretty












Puppy Plans Fall 2014

Don's Dear Ms Welford & Glenbrows Sorcerer








19 Juli 2014 Show Weekend in Sweden, SKK International Dog Show Köping



Best Of Breed / BOB / CC Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron at the age of 13 months.

Our Jaffa - Benton Under Oath became 2nd best male / CACIB.

Best Junior Bitch / CC Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe

Congratulation to Gunilla Sandström and Grace to your BOS / CACIB





2014.07.11 SKK International Dog Show Tvååker 2014

A super day for Welford dogs at the SKK Int. dog show. Judged by Mrs. Patsy Hollings UK.

BOS, Best Male, CC / CERT Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron

2nd. Best male, Champion Winner, CACIB Welford's Kensington Garden.

BOB / BIG1 Dimmös Bag-Lady, congratulations to Monica and Thommy.




Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron &

Welford's Kensington Garden

Reloading for the National Dog Show in Tvååker, Sweden 2014.




2014.07.06 Great News From Norway.

Harry, Hansson & Hansson. Road trip to Trondheim Norway.

Multi Winner Welford's Harrington Hall became BOB, CC, CACIB and Norwegian Show Champion.

Great job Mia, congratulations






Presenting our two youngsters 12 months of age today at SKK Nationel Dog Show Borås

Welford's Notting Hill Delxue "Abby" & Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron "Aram"

Both our of Don's Dear Ms Welford "Anna" & Ferndel Aeron Macgregor "Gregg".






2014.06.29 SKK Borås National Dog Show.

25 Welsh Springers entered.

BOB Dagländans Alma & BOS Welford's Kensington Garden 








Proudly annuncing the updated Agria status

  SEU(u)CH DKUCH NOUCH DKV-13 NOV-13 Welford's Kensington Garden

at the moment is placed nr. 67 at the Swedish top 100 Show Winner all

breed as the only welsh springer spaniel. Hopefully more points during the rest of the season.








2014.05.31 SKK National Dog Show Norrköping, Sweden



Best Of Breed / BOB / CC Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron

Best Bitch / BOS / CC / Champion Welford's Dimond Jubilee owned by Eva Stackerud Lundqvist

Judge by Mrs Annika Ullveit-Moe, Sweden




2014.05.24 SKK International Dog Show, Österbybruk, Sweden


In sun shine underf blue sky. CACIB Best Of Breed Multi Winner Welford's Jesmond Waterfall.

3rd Best Bitch CC/CERT Dainty's Welford Choice, Co-owned with Maria Törmänen.

Congratulation to BOS Don's Darling Deluxe Owned by Lena och Johanna Karlsson.

Judge Mr. Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden.







2014.05.17 SSRK Dog Show Ulriksdals Slott, Sweden






Welford in the show ring today at SSRK Ulriksdals Trädgård

BIS-3, BOB Mulit Winner Welford's Jesmond Waterfall - Jason

BIS-2 Breeders Group Kennel Welford

2nd. Best Bitch Welford's Mayfair Garden - Bobbie

3rd. Best male Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron - Aram

Congratulation to Ola Erikson, Kennel Geltman's with the BOS result.


Judge Mr. Michael Kristensen, Denmark.




2014.05.11 SKK National Dog Show, Lidköping, Sweden


BOB Welford's Harrington Hall


Great Welford News from Sweden at the National Dog Show SKK Lidköping, Sweden.

Best Of Breed Multi Winner Welford's Harrington Hall and Best Of Opposite Sex

SEU(u)CH Welford's Duchess Of Heddychlon. Congratulations to Mia Hansson and

Birgitta Abrahamsson, Janne Gustavsson Kennel Heddychlon.



Welford's Harrington Hall



2014.05.10 DKK International Dog Show Roskilde, Denmark x 2


Best Of Breed BOB/BIR, CACIB Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

3rd. Best Male Reserv CC Welford's I'm Number One

2nd. Best Bitch DK-CC Welford's Mayfair Garden



                      Welford's Jesmond Waterfall                          Welford's I'm Number One





2014.04.19 SKK International Dog Show "Lilla" Stockholm, Sweden

Easter Show


Best Of Breed BOB/BIR, CACIB

Multi Winner Welford's Jesmond Waterfall









2014.04.20 Presenting


SEU(u)CH Welford's Especially For You

e. Don's Smooth With A Rough

u. Don's Freudian Dream.







2014.04.13 Internation Dog Show,

Sundvall, Sweden


Best In Show 5 - Group 8 Winner

BOB, CERT & Champion


DKV-13  NOV-13



Welford's Kensington Garden


Judged by Mr. Branislav Rajie




Welford's Kensington Garden










2014.03.21 Presenting Gösta - Welford's Marble Arch


Welford's Marble Arch

u. SE U(u)CH DK CHU DKV-11 SEV-11 JWW-10 Don's Carl-Jan

u. SE U(u)CH Welford's Covent Garden


Age 1. year. Owned by Fam. Carlsson, Örsjö, Sweden







2014.03.16 Dog Show SSRK Sandviken, Sweden


BIS4 - BOB Puppy Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron

e. GB CH Ferndel Aeron Magregor


Don's Dear Ms Welford











2014.03.12 Puppy Of The Year Dog Show 2013

Grand Hotel Stockholm, Sweden


Bentley - Welford's Mayfield Park qualified for the Dog Show Puppy Of The Year 2013 did very well amond alla qualified puppies 2013, at the show.


The Show arranged by:

Stockholm Kennel Klubb Hundskyddsfond

Konferencier Mr. Dan Eriksson, Swe

Judge Mrs. Elina Tan Hietalahti


Thank you for a nice Tea Party











2014.02.10 Welford's Mayfair Garden - Bobbie


Follow her leg fracture recoverment on TV3 Djurens Hjältar Upplands Väsby Djursjukhus








2014.01.25 SSRK Dog Show Kumla, Sweden


Successful Season Start for Kennel Welford at the SSRK Dog Show 2014, Kulma Sweden


Best In Show Puppy Welfordäs Nobel Son Of Aeron,

Our Junior bitch 10 months of age, Welford's Mayfair Garden BIS-BOS4,BOS, CC.

Nordic Winner Welford's Harrington Hall 2. Best Male


Breed Judge Mr. Jan Roger Sauge, Norway

BIS Puppy Judge Mrs. Kari Haave, Norway.



Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron


e. GB CH Ferndel Aeron Magregor


Don's Dear Ms Weford


Welford's Nobel Son Of Aeron






2014.01.22 Puppies


Puppies born 2013.12.21

e. SE U(u)CH Welford's I'm Number One

u. SE VCH SE U(u)CH Welford's Femme Fatale


2 males & 1 bitch, all reserved






2014.01.05-06 MyDog International DogShow Gothenburg 2014

CRUFTS Qualified 2015

CACIB BIR/BOS Welford's Jesmond Waterfall

2 x BIR/BOB Pyppy Welford's Notting Hill Deluxe




Puppies - Expected end of Februari 2014

Interested in a puppy from our combinations do not hesitate to contact us.



    SE(u)CH Welford's I'm Number One - Collin   &   SE U(u)CH Welford's Especially For You - Bessie





2014.01.01 Best In Show Puppy - 2013 Shows


Welford's Mayfield Park - Bentley




Best In Show Puppy - SKK International Växjö 2013

Best In Show Puppy - SSRK Dalarna 2013

Best In Show Puppy WSSK Club Show 2013


Welford's Mayfield Park.







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